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PostSubject: Souls Team IRON CHEF 11 : THEREWILLBEHATERS   Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:43 pm

⇑ Click Here to register ⇑

Hey Foreign Editors !

Here it comes the 11th Soul's Team iron chef registrations are now opened.

First of all, i have to say that we heard you, we saw all the trolls/hate/fuss during last contest since we were contestant in it and we've gotta say that this has reached us, therefore we decided all 3 to name the contest in honnor of all this hate : THERE WILL BE HATERS  edition.

And we are glad to invite all of you to join again, if you are haters, unhappy, bad editors, good editors, drunk editors whatever you have your place in the contest and i hope you'll give your best to grab good places in your category and if you don't well that's because judge sucks, music sucks, weather sucks, terrorism sucks, katy perry sucks and so on (not your fault).

Anyway all of this to say that we're looking forward to have you back into this big amvworld battle that has been runing for many years and wish you the best of luck !

If you're familiar with iron chef, the rules are the same then they were last 3 year exept a few stuff, that you will learn below and if you are new in the contest please take note of the rules.


◄ Organisators and Judges

◄ Dates of the contest (deadline)

The contest starts on thursday 26/02 (8pm- GMT+1) to sunday 01/03 (11.59pm- GMT+1)
This also means that the category music you will be editing on will be given thursday at 8pm(GMT+1) be on time !

◄ Video conditions

Video codec : x264, xvid, divx
Audio codec : mp3, AAC, wav.
Containers : mp4, avi, mkv, wmv
File Weight : less than 300mo
Duration required 2 minutes minimum

Please note that any clip that are less than 2minutes will get penalties in the ranking, you can do your credits in the 2minutes duration but only if they are on the music give, if they are not they should be extra from the 2 minutes of editing on given musics.

Take care not to :

- Have bad image quality : allising, ratio problems etc...
- Subtitles, logo and other issues from the footage
- Copyrights and of course other people work, everything in the clip must be edited on your own.

◄ Rules & Concept  (must read)
The concept of an iron chef is to make a video on give music from the startline and deadline imposed

Steps to follow to register

1° Make your team of 3 editors
2° Find a name to your team, make a poster representing it and some catchphrase if you wish to impress your opponents
3° Chose the category for each editors in your team
And finally post your team by CLICKING ON THE REGISTRATION BUTTON

Steps to follow to participate

1° Each teams of 3 editors must split their forces in the 6 categories, 1 editor per category
2° When the music are given, each editors must pick the music he prefers ONLY in the category he competes in and made an amv on it
3° You must finish your amv before the deadline and upload it on a given ftp, please note that video not matching the rules will be disqualified especially the music rule, if you compete in action you must edit an action song same for other categories.

Ranking and judging

They will be 7 different ranking in this competition.

1 ranking for solo contestants in each of the 6 categories, every clip will be ranked.
And a final team ranking made with the average of the results of each member of the team in their respective categories.

The winning team will be the BIG WINNER of this ultimate 11th Edition of Soul's Team Iron Chef. :rock:


6 categories this year, so get well with your teamate and pick the most suitable category for each of you !!

- GMV MMD note that this category is new, it includes only music videos made using gaming or mmd 3d footage if you have question just ask.

Okay i think i'm done with explainations, if you have any questions please post them here or send pm to the judges, you have only 18 days to register so get ready and make your team when they are done register them by clicking on the image above, you'll need at least one editor of your team registered on the forum to grab music and stuff it's better if the 3 members are registered though to share your amv and comments other later on.

In order to avoid any langages problems there is a translator included in the forum on the right top corner for you to use.

May the best editors wins this !!  :samurai:

There are no limits to your imagination!
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PostSubject: Re: Souls Team IRON CHEF 11 : THEREWILLBEHATERS   Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:36 pm

falta poco para iniciar :) muchas suerte a todo aquel que este participando. :3 good luck to all

- I'll Be Here! -
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