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 r3T: Rogue Speed IC

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PostSubject: r3T: Rogue Speed IC    r3T: Rogue Speed IC  Watch11Sat Jul 18, 2015 10:28 pm

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♦ r3T: Rogue Speed IC ♦
It's time to go rogue.

Hello everyone and welcome to r3act Team SesSions' very first IC, a project we started to celebrate the anniversary of our first year as a studio. You are all cordially invited to join, regardless of your status, skill or experience. Our ride will put your will, state of mind and concentration to the test.

This time, you're going rogue. No restrictions, no aliiances, no limits. Prove your dominance and fight against the clock in a solo-only competition, where the only enemy is yourself.
We look forward to see all of your entries and wish of best of luck!

► Judges ◄

Here are the four judges of the IC:

r3T: Rogue Speed IC  86I0Pc5

► General Details ◄

Solo entries only. Collaborations and Multi Editor Projects (MEP) will not be accepted.
● The IC will start on Thursday, July 30th at 8PM GMT and end on Sunday, August 2nd at 12AM GMT.
In order to sign up for the IC, you must register on the r3T forum and post a reply to this thread: http://r3actteamsessions.forumotion.co.uk/t69-rogue-speed-ic-announcement-rules
● You may register while the IC is in progress. However, it is preferable to do so sooner.

► Video Requirements ◄

Entries must have a minimum length of 1:30, excluding the intro and/or outro.
● You may present your entry in the following video formats: mp4, mkv, wmv, avi. Foreign formats will not be accepted.
● Accepted audio codecs are mp3, wav, aac. Foreign codecs will not be accepted.
● The file size of any entry cannot exceed 300MBs.

Any plagiarism or clear proof of pre-editing will lead to the disqualification of the participant in question.

► Categories ◄

● You may edit for one of these five categories:

Live Action/GMV
[Note: Entries with any kind of live footage will be accepted (i.e TV shows, movies) and any kind of game footage, cinematics or trailers.]

When selecting a category, please ensure your selected song is from the pack designated to it (i.e selecting a song from the action pack means your entry must be action).

► Judging ◄

Results of the IC will be released on Thursday, August 6th.
● Individual rankings will be created for each category, under the condition a minimum of 3 entries were received.
The global ranking will announce the winner of Rogue Speed.
● An Excel sheet will be presented, detailing the individual rankings of all four judges.

A separate thread will detail how to submit your entries to the judges and present them on the forum.
Good luck and have fun! We hope to see all of you join!

r3T: Rogue Speed IC  X6B3qzm
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r3T: Rogue Speed IC
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