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PostSubject: [HedgeProduction] - Yolo    [HedgeProduction] - Yolo  Watch11Tue Jan 19, 2016 3:05 am

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Thanks Syuuki !  

Hello guys! So here's my clip for the IC organised by the Crows Team, it's my first Fun AMV and honestly, I really liked to edit in this category. This category is not like the others, in Fun, you are free to do what you want to. You can place some incrusts of cat anywhere you want without a reason and it does not matter because it's fun ahahah! I really liked this side and it also allowed me to place some weird things.
A small point negative, I know that I could make some moments a little less simple, I could also placed an accent on my texts incrusts in the beginning and on my littles compositings After Effect and I unfortunately somewhat neglected some parts of the clip. But, Chuunibyou is not an anime simple to edit in Fun , it has some scenes of action, of romance and of course, of comedy so certainly there's not enough comics scenes to place in this AMV , furthermore I didn't want to place action scenes and of romance because my music it's totally random with these scenes ahahahah so it didn't help me. I prefer to use those two main characters because they are my favorites from this anime and because I didn't see the interest of showing the others characters because they would be random.
In this clip, I finally tested those amazings compositings Adobe After Effect in 3D that I always wanted to make, it was the first time I did those effects and personally, I will be doing more often from now! I always hesitated to try to make those effects because I was afraid that it could be shit but it was better than I was expected. Sadly, in the end of my final rendering, I had some problems with my coloring so it's normal that some scenes have a little contrast more strong than the original (my pc screen is fix and it's getting older... ._.) so sorry ahahah...
Finally, I'm very proud of this clip a little WTF. I think that I will make more Fun clips in the futur, it's very fun to let our crazy imaginations doing this kind of AMV. But I'm still aware that it's simple, but I wanted to change from my others AMV with a lot of overlays and of explosives scenes so I hope that you will like it!
Dedicated to Keintseru and his maskings of houses.
Special thanks: Azukayuki for the text in english :x

Anime: Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai
Music: Bruno Mark Uptown Funk
DDL Link: https://mega.nz/#!XBBnST6Q!uAFv1tka6YDKRsMLicudDQAgIaw4LQC4qAGg9zsDfsA

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PostSubject: Re: [HedgeProduction] - Yolo    [HedgeProduction] - Yolo  Watch11Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:50 pm

hahaha is really funny I think you like this anime to much Very Happy

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[HedgeProduction] - Yolo
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