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PostSubject: REAL CONTEST 6   Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:06 pm

Not so long ago, in a far, far away thread…
You were waiting for it and it’s back!
You thought this contest had forever disappeared in the far reaches of the galaxy?
You thought this contest had unveiled all of its power in the 5th edition?
There are still many editors who didn’t fall into the dark side and many are those who are ready to join us with their full strength to compete in the 6th edition!
And what if your new weapons were not animes or animated movies but well and truly movies?
The journey is different but worth experiencing!
Therefore board your software, deploy your timeline and join another galaxy that will have surprises and unexpected outcomes in store like no other contest!

Deadline: March 20th, 11:59pm
Minimum duration of the video: 1mn30
Exclusive videos only: it shouldn’t be released in any way (forum, YT, …) prior to the contest’s results
Only live footage is allowed (movies, series, documentaries, live coverages, …)
Animated or 3D footages are forbidden (e.g. Pixar movies, Final Fantasy, Appleseed)


Handing over your video
Send a PM to the Judge. Mega links are recommended but any other mean is still fine.

Main post : http://forum.amv-france.com/viewtopic.php?f=109&t=6938
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