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 [ AMV Shigatsu ] - Blood Orchestra ( BankaiAMV )

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PostSubject: [ AMV Shigatsu ] - Blood Orchestra ( BankaiAMV )   Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:31 pm

( Thank you Hashirogi for the banner, I wanted a banner without typo to see what that gives, then I like I)

Here is my AMV Shigatsu, him was planned for quite a while but my friend took time to me (LOL)

I am satisfied well by the result, for me it is my best AMV.
Not bad thing to be corrected, but I was thought of too much time above as nothing ahah thus the motivation is fast part :p
I hope that it will please you, in your comment;)

DL : sendspace.com 3dxwq8


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[ AMV Shigatsu ] - Blood Orchestra ( BankaiAMV )
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