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 ♪ Haikyuu!! Second Season [AMV] - Enemies

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PostSubject: ♪ Haikyuu!! Second Season [AMV] - Enemies    Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:46 pm

Name: Enemies
Anime: Haikyuu!! Second Season
Song: Enemies
Artist: Shinedown
Duratin: 3:08
Programs: Sony Vegas y After effects
DD: bit.ly/1PqEhay


Here you are a new video with Haikyuu!! Love. the begin of this video is the end of the other AMV "Call My Name" and this time I wanted to show all teams with no dramas :P. Let's see what they do against Aoba Johsai and the rest of teams.

This video was made in 3 weeks, editing 5 seconds per day but the last day I edited almost 1 minute because I was too tired with the project, that's why maybe you find bad details in FX, but well I'm not a pro of them too hahahaha. Also is not a video for a contest and this is a hobby after all, so don't be rude and enjoy all you can :)

Anyways, I enjoyed editing with rock.

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♪ Haikyuu!! Second Season [AMV] - Enemies
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